Local SEO

How to Make Facebook and Google Love Your Yoga Studio

By Vít Lašťovka | 25.7.2017

  Making Your Yoga Studio Website Easy to Find on Google and Facebook   it’s more important than ever to ensure that prospective students are able to quickly and easily discover your yoga studio, meditation centre or massage spa on search engines or their favorit social media platforms. These days yoga students in Ibiza have…

Become a Value Provider

By Vít Lašťovka | 16.7.2017

  Blogging creates for you the opportunity to share your insights, answer common questions, and strengthen your reputation as a trusted advisor and resource.   To differentiate from competitors, build loyalty with your real estate clients, and drive more referrals, you can’t just be a real estate agent—you have to also become a value provider.…

25 Real Estate Blog Posting Ideas 2017

By Vít Lašťovka | 16.7.2017

  Most experts agree that coming up with informative and engaging real estate blog ideas is one of the most cost effective ways to generate warm leads online. In fact, according to a study 53% of marketers agree that content creation is the most effective strategy for driving organic traffic to your website. Take a…

Restaurant Customer Funnel

How to Use Facebook and TripAdvisor to Get More Customers 1.

By Vít Lašťovka | 17.6.2017

You already deliver excellent customer service and you serve delicious food. But now you may be wondering how you are going to get even more people to know about your restaurant, to know about your next event or any other services you can provide to your guests. You are about to discover how to raise awareness with…

How to Use Facebook and TripAdvisor to Get More Customers 2.

By Vít Lašťovka | 17.6.2017

    Stimulate engagement and drive revenue with sweepstakes   Reach more fans and appraise their loyalty regularly appraise the most active fan on your page or/and regular visitor of your restaurant. Posts like this create high engagement. Re-posting excellent reviews is great way to do it. Take a screenshot of well write review (TripAdvisor…