How to Use Facebook and TripAdvisor to Get More Customers 1.

You already deliver excellent customer service and you serve delicious food. But now you may be wondering how you are going to get even more people to know about your restaurant, to know about your next event or any other services you can provide to your guests.

You are about to discover how to raise awareness with help of visual, eye catching content and mouth-watering food images, engage with existed fan base and how to activate them with targeted campaigns to visit your restaurant. And how to repeat this sales funnel over and over again……


Restaurant Customer Funnel

Restaurant Customer Funnel

Mastering Facebook insights gives you competitive advantage over your competitors



Facebook insights provide unique information about your fans

Facebook is the most effective restaurant marketing platform

When it comes to building awareness for your restaurant it is not how many people know about you that matters, it is where they are! Facebook makes it easy to reach your exact target market; people living close to your business. Facebook allows you to run ads that are only shown to people living in a certain location. For example, you can run an ad that will only be seen by your target age range within five to ten kilometres of your location. In doing so you will be able to reach an amazing number of people and if the ads are compelling enough you will start to build an online audience of highly targeted potential customers. You can double number of participants by promoting events this way.


Eye-catching visual content gets more attention, increase awareness, engagement and leads to sales


Question Type Post

great example of opinion oriented post

Create visual content

release content regularly and with purpose. There is also certain time for releasing content in order to reach more of your fans. Every post with picture or video reach more of your fans (use tools like Canva). Shoot small video from behind the scene (how you prepare certain meal). Visual content is about getting people´s attention. How do you act on Facebook? What gets your attention, text or picture with nice graphic design, or video? Majority of your fans act same way ……. Post opinion oriented posts like a poll. People love to be asked their opinion. Consider asking “which seasonal main course would you like to see added permanently to our menu?” or “which is your favorite dessert”. Polls can give you important feedback and also a chance to engage with your Facebook fans.


Use Visual Content first

eye catching picture with graphic design

Master the Facebook news feed

content posted for fans should be something they can learn from, share and engage with. By using Facebook Insights, you get enormous amount of information about your fans. Find out which post receive the most interaction, what is the best time for releasing posts. Who´s engaging most, males of females? This is just peak of an iceberg when it comes to data provided by Facebook insights. With enough data you´ll be able to tailor your content for specific audience. In result you will provide more value to your existed fans and it will bring you engagement. Higher engagement from your existed fan base generate two results (at least). First is stronger connection to your brand and second leads to awareness among their friends. By reaching their friends you will create awareness among them and that’s what brings us to building relationship and engagement. New potential customers go deeper in your sales funnel. And that’s the whole beauty of native Facebook marketing.

it is simple but it is not easy to create compelling content on daily bases and deliver it with purpose. That is also why many businesses fail before they learn the basics about how they can benefit from Facebook. Bear in mind this formula:


more likes, comments and shares your content gain, more often this content appears on Facebook news feed and more likely you reach new potential customers


And by the way usual post on Facebook reach ONLY about 4% of your fans…. If the post is doing well numbers goes up and more likely they´ll see your next post as well because Facebook algorithm evaluate your content like appealing.

Try it, go to your Facebook page and open Facebook insights to see all the data. It is there for purpose, it is there to serve you and it can do great job for you if it is used the right way. As far as I know, no other advertising platform provides you such a valuable information about your customers FOR FREE.

I remember how much I was paying for market research about 10 years ago in jewelry business I was running in Czech Republic. If I had these kind of tools back in time, it could have been completely different because it was more or less guessing what people want. Today I can dig up every single information I want.


By using targeted advertising, you will be able to reach more relevant prospects


offer tailor made events

Create customer database

by using page fans and by collecting emails. Knowing who your customers are will help you to offer them customize events right for them or organization they work for. Email marketing (if done properly) is one of the most powerful ways to build relationships. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to develop trust and credibility with your audience. You can also target your Facebook campaign base on your email list. By collecting emails, you have a chance to reach customers after they leave. Sending out personal email 24 to 48 hours after a guest departure, inviting feedback directly on TripAdvisor or/and Facebook, is a great way to generate quantity and recency.


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High Quality Web design services. The Complete Web Design Solution in Ibiza, Spain. Includes Professionally Designed Websites, Facebook and Digital Marketing Strategies That Work, On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank On The First Page, Airbnbn Optimization and more.

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