Kanawa Palau

Flores, Indonesia

Small and hidden treasure Palau Kanawa is one of the many Indonesian islands

Travel Photography

What was just a need to capture travel adventures with a camera for friends and family became over years real passion for travel photography.

Siem Reap


Me, Ronen and Betty appeared is this village by accident. Just few kilometres from developed Siem Reap but jet like in medieval times with extremely nice people.

Nature Photography

As a traveller, I have enormous opportunities to capture unique moments. It’s almost impossible to resist and soon or latter you get to the point when you say to yourself: “I must capture this spectacular landscape and bring it back home for others”.



Sandy beaches of Bali island, beautiful girls and man with a camera

People Photography

“The eyes are the window to the soul”. Capturing someone’s portrait is about trust. You must build a rapport first to get the look that tells something. Thought or a story perhaps …



Much of what can be described as Moroccan interior design has its origins in Moorish architecture

Airbnb's & Hotel's Photography

"A picture is worth a thousand words" . This quote is truth especially in case when you are doing your best to capture your potential guest attention. Lightning, angle, position of furniture all that play role in capturing not just sharp picture but self-describing one.



Hotel focused on providing high quality accommodation services to all surfers located in  Tamraght and Taghazout area.


Spain, EU

Tarifa is a small, laid-back town known for Europe’s best kitesurfing and windsurfing conditions. Therefore Tarifa became melting pot for cool people from all parts of Europe.

Events & Parties Photography

Out of all types of photography, capturing emotional moments is the most challenging but if done properly it brings great joy and satisfaction on both sides. And that means a lot.

Anchor Point

Taghazout, Morocco

One of the most popular surfing spots near surfing village Taghazout

Kitesurfing & Surfing Photography

At first I was ask by friend to shoot some picture of him while surfing in Moroccan village Tamraght. After whole day of shooting I wasn’t only totally wet but I was caught with sports photography.




My friends recommend me Vit..

... for our family gathering and we all are happy with photos we have from Vit! He was willing to stay longer.

- Nicole Stone, U.K. Gibraltar

Vit did great work with riad pictures...

I met Vit after he returned from Morocco and because I was living there as well we had a lot to talk about ?
Vit was helpful with my lovely Andalusian riad. I was busy with my regular job but Vit did great work with riad pictures and all booking websites. At the end, he did an outstanding job in few days on my old website.
I have already referred you to others!

- Maria Duarte, Spain Costa Del Sol


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