How to Use Facebook and TripAdvisor to Get More Customers 2.



Stimulate engagement and drive revenue with sweepstakes


Invitation for Event

create offer for specific group

Reach more fans and appraise their loyalty

regularly appraise the most active fan on your page or/and regular visitor of your restaurant. Posts like this create high engagement. Re-posting excellent reviews is great way to do it. Take a screenshot of well write review (TripAdvisor or Facebook) and add meal picture. Tag it with name of your fan. You can even offer welcome drink next time they show up. Text about welcome drink will be written over the picture so other fans will notice it as well. It helps you to engage with your customers and create strong connection to your brand.

By changing cover photo of Facebook page you have higher chance to reach more fans as well. Use it for announcing important offers, special events and embracing top customers. Did you notice if you change Facebook page cover photo or profile picture more people notice it? Guess what, this is the way how Facebook algorithms works like. Facebook evaluate this update like important one and as a result it apears much more often on fans news feed than usual content you release.


FB Cover 5. - Events

be creative with Facebook cover photo

Invite more people to your next event

by posting on Facebook groups like: Eat and Drink in and around Gibraltar. This is also great opportunity to reach food lovers in your area. You can tailor event only for them. Let them know, you share same love for good food and you appreciate their opinion about new items on your menu. If done properly this people will become brand advocates.


TripAdvisor 3

have one for every table

Read and reply to every review

many potential customers read reviews and feedbacks before they choose right place to go. This is great opportunity for you as well. You have a chance to engage with satisfied customer on personal level and bring him/her back. Within your feedback you have a chance to mention your next event or new item on your menu. Invite readers to your Facebook page to keep up to date also increase your potential to reach new customers.


TripAdvisor 2

Use all free tools offered by TripAdvisor

to remind guests to write reviews and create your reminder card to get more reviews on Facebook as well. You will be able to collect more reviews quite fast by actively exposing reminder cards on every table or when bill is handed over. This is by the way the reason, why you suppose to collect contact information about your guests in order to reach them latter.  TripAdvisor is extremely important when it comes to tourism. Websites like TripAdvisor are often the only way how to know the place before arrival. In case of Gibraltar where tourists spend only limited amount of time, top position on TripAdvisor is the only way how to catch tourists attention. The fact that reviews shows in Google search results is pretty cool site effect you can benefit from.


facebook-360-photosRestaurant virtual tour on Facebook page

This 360 Virtual Tour is great example of what I am talking about. What is cool about this, you do not need professional camera. You can use your iPhone. Facebook 360 is the place where you can learn more about this cool feature.


Mobile friendly website generate more guests


3. Website Example

 Mobile friendly website with food blog

Many people are using their mobile devices to find your website, and they want to order online. Today’s digital generation thrives on ease of use, and online ordering simply makes their lives easier. Give your customers a responsive menu where they can place their orders. You’ll end up with a lot more orders and less lost ones because customers couldn’t navigate out dated site.

According to one study, more than 80% of people have searched for a restaurant on a mobile device. Especially from tourist point of view, mobile devices are the only way how they search for any information.

Food blogging is a great way to reach out to your local customers. By engaging with them and providing valuable content, you’ll build a very loyal community. Engage customers on your blog, and you create loyal group of brand ambassadors who are glad to share your content and will be instrumental in helping you expand your restaurant.

OK, so this is essentially all I have got room to show you on this page. You can already benefit from this list today. By applying all this you gain competitive advantage over your competitors. Almost none of your competitors in Gibraltar follow these facts.


But wait, this is not everything I can show you!

These are only a few of the ways to make targeted advertising more effective. I have an hour long presentation where I am going to show you in details how I can help you to increase revenue. To arrange the presentation please contact me today.


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High Quality Web design services. The Complete Web Design Solution in Ibiza, Spain. Includes Professionally Designed Websites, Facebook and Digital Marketing Strategies That Work, On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank On The First Page, Airbnbn Optimization and more.

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